The secret to braiding hardneck garlic is making sure the stalks are moist enough to braid without breaking. There are many different ways and shapes to braid garlic. Garlic braids have that wonderfull rustic, artistic look and practical way to dry and prepare garlic or onions for long term storage.
We continue with this ancient tradition here at A&L Garlic Farms. They Make great gifts for family and friends as well. 

How to Braid Garlic

P r e p a r a t i o n—
  • Step l. Cut off the roots

  • Step 2. Remove any dirt

  • Step 3. Remove the outermost bulb wrapper for a clean look. If newly exposed wrapper is unattractive, it is usually safe to remove. Do not remove more than two.

  • Step 4. Soak one towel, and lay it out flat.

  • Step 5. Place all the garlic tops in a row on the towel, with the bulbs off the towel. Do not let the bulbs get wet.

  • Step 6. Soak the second towel, and lay it on top of the garlic tops.

  • Step 7. Adjust the towel edges carefully so that the entire top and ‘stem’ becomes damp right to the bulb.

  • Step 8. Wait 15-30 minutes for the garlic tops to become damp and pliable.

  • Step 9. Remove the upper towel.

B r a i d i n g —

You can braid your garlic almost like braiding hair. You will continue to add bulbs to your braid. I will post a short how to video when I start braiding after this coming up season.

F i n i s h i n g—
  • Step 1. Bind off the top very tightly with the twine and make a small loop on the backside for hanging. You will discover a variety of good ways to do this.

  • Step 2. Look over the entire braid for any loose ends. Pull these into the center of the braid and snip them off with the scissors.

  • Step 3. While the braid is still wet, any loose places may be squeezed together for greater uniformity.

  • Step 4. Let the braid dry flat for a day or so on a table or shelf

Decorating the garlic braids can be really fun let your imagination run wild!!
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