Remember it is easy to get excited thinking about harvest but there is a lot of weeding between the planting and the eating.

           When the bottom 1/3 of the garlic plants leaves turn brown it is ready for harvest.  Dig one up to be sure and check to see if the garlic has formed wrappers around the individual cloves.  Cure garlic in a cool dry area for 4 to six weeks.


           Harvesting is a lot of work and we are extra careful. Garlic is very fragile and should not be bumped, bounced or dropped. Manual harvesting is recommended, as even the smallest bump will bruise the garlic, causing early decay and loss of quality. Carefully lift the bulbs with a garden fork and take them, greens and all, for cleaning and curing. Don’t leave garlic in the hot sun but move it quickly to a shady spot to avoid cooking.

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